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Chaand Raat Open Day 30th April & 1st May

Celebrate Chaand Raat this year in style with a mehndi/henna tattoo before Eid!

What is Chaand Raat?

Chaand Raat literally translates to "Moon night" and refers to the night prior to the Islamic celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. It is traditionally a evening where henna tattoos and mehndi are applied before the day of Eid.

Everyone is welcome to attend the open day, regardless of faith. It is a wonderful day of celebration and merriment. Traditionally the event is held in the evening where food and drink can also be served, but we all know how busy we all can get on the evening before Eid so I have decided to keep the event across two days to give people the chance to have their henna and mehndi designs done. Another reason I have decided to do this is because the colour of the natural henna takes a day or so to be at its darkest after it has been applied. This way your henna tattoo will be looking its best and darkest on the day of Eid.

Call or message me on the number above to arrange a booking. WhatsApp and email is also available.


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